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Who We Are

We are the world's leading provider of translations for Safety Data Sheets (SDS)!

GLTaC enables global commerce, working closely with our clients to ensure their technical translations are linguistically correct, technically accurate and compliant with regulations in over 70 languages. Our translations appear in over 1,000,000 safety data sheets annually, which is one of the reasons why we say, "Lives depend on our translations!"

We discover and qualify the best possible translators in their respective fields and follow a rigorous quality control process that exceeds the requirements of EN 15038. As a result, our clients express their satisfaction on a regular basis, helping us become a leading provider of translation services.

What We Do

Our project managers go beyond merely tracking the progress of work. A clear understanding of the global regulatory environment as it applies in the various countries around the world is critical to ensuring SDS translations are done correctly.

Domain-specific knowledge on the part of our project managers is just one of the ways we stand apart from other translation providers. The level of care and attention-to-detail of all aspects of your request, from start to finish, quickly becomes evident. Responsive, efficient, knowledgeable and motivated are all terms that apply to our project managers.

We firmly believe that we can increase the quality of your translations, which "translates" into more value for your dollar.

What's New with GLTaC

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  • GLTaC ISO update
  • SBA 8(a) Certification
  • "When lives are at stake" [Youtube]

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