GLTaC has extensive experience providing technical translations to the automotive industry, both for civilian auto manufacturers and the military. Our automotive translation work includes technical documents describing test procedures and results, failure analysis, technology improvements, or complex illustrations and diagrams, as well as extensive vehicle repair and maintenance manuals.

We have the expertise needed to detect errors in source documents, because our technical translators can quickly spot incorrect terminology and identify when procedures are stated out of their correct order. In some cases, the source content we are asked to translate contains incorrect units of measure or other inaccurate and incomplete information. GLTaC goes beyond translation to inform our clients of quality issues within their documents, resulting in improved quality in both the source document and the translation. This commitment to accuracy is an essential part of technical automotive translation that sets GLTaC apart from other language service companies.

GLTaC uses the latest technology to provide maximum re-use of previously translated material, which means you will only pay for the changes when revising manuals and documentation. The same applies for instructions covering a family of products where a core set of capabilities and features apply to every manual, and only specific components require additional translation. GLTaC will work with your content authors to ensure the translated material meets your layout and formatting requirements so the final product is just as usable and readable as the source language version.

If you are searching for that one translation company you can trust to deliver an accurate, complete and correct automotive translation, contact GLTaC today.