"Please be assured that I am well pleased with the services provided by the folks at GLTaC. They have gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion. Their efforts are truly appreciated."

John Carter, Senior Information Specialist

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"GLTaC has partnered with Bay Plastics Machinery in all of our translation needs. Their ability to translate technical documentation with precision and speed is a key part to BPM’s expansion into the global market."

Tim Wright, Controls Engineer

Bay Plastics Machinery

From crankshaft deep rolling to thermoforming plastics, iron working, and chemical production, GLTaC has wide-ranging experience and translation expertise across a variety of industries.

Whether you’re looking at extensive machine operation and maintenance manuals, complex production processes, engineering specifications, or safety information and facility audits, we have the right technical translators for the job.

Each type of translation is unique. The intended audience dictates the style, reading level and terminology that is chosen for each project. At GLTaC, we take this fully into consideration. After all, instructions for operating equipment are of no use if the operator can’t understand them. The same applies to safety policies, emergency response procedures, and the entire range of documentation involved in facility operations.

We also understand that maintaining consistency across that documentation is an important part of a well-run operation. GLTaC utilizes a variety of technologies allowing us to preserve cohesion in the translations we produce. Through the use of translation memories, termbases, and our own proprietary systems, the management of terminology within and across your translation projects has never been more powerful. Beyond the advantages in quality, our tools provide analytical insight into the repetition and reusability of your text - lowering your translation costs and shortening delivery periods.

When you want to target the right audience with consistent, accurate messages, you need a trusted partner. We can help.