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Quality Policy & Process

Quality Policy

We will achieve client satisfaction by continually improving processes and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed client requirements.

What is Quality?

Over time, exceptional quality stands out. It is an intangible attribute that sets a product or service so far above the rest, you just know you found the very best your money can buy. When you seek and find that exquisitely rare service, you make the purchase knowing the result will exceed your every expectation. Companies that strive for and attain such perfection earn client loyalty with every interaction. In today’s world, many things are “good enough”, and maybe that’s acceptable for some people. But when it comes to your reputation, your requirements and your translations, wouldn’t you rather have excellence?

Quality Process

In our increasingly global economy, communicating in other languages has become an important element in business. Accuracy in translating technical information is critical in many ways, from regulatory compliance to intellectual property protection — and, most importantly, in health and safety information.

We were founded as a company dedicated to accurate translation. We have always understood that business success often rides on the quality of our work — and so do people’s lives. The combination of accuracy of language, understanding of technical details and careful quality control has always been a hallmark of our operation.

Our dedication to quality control is illustrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017, and our successful passage of all annual surveillance and recertification audits since. One client summarized what makes GLTaC different as a supplier of translation services for them: “You care.” Two simple words embodying an entire corporate philosophy that weaves its way into the fabric of the work we do. We care, not because we are driven by fear of a lawsuit if a marketing campaign sends a wrong message, but because someone could be seriously injured or die if our translations are not done correctly.

GLTaC is also active in improving and creating meaningful quality standards in the language industry. Vice President Doug Strock is a voting member of the ASTM Subcommittee F43.05 for Quality Assurance in Language Services. Doug is also a Past President of the Association of Language Companies (ALC), an organization dedicated to improving the quality and professionalism of all businesses in the U.S. language industry.

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