Karen Lanka, Director, Product Management at 3E

"Here is the feedback I’ve received from all the team members:

  • Very professional and very responsive
  • Pretty easy process even though there have been a lot of changes
  • Doug is pretty good about stepping in and helping
  • All are great to work with
  • They always keep us in the loop and are very prompt and courteous
  • Very responsive and friendly to work
  • Respond to all questions and emails in a timely manner"

Dean Hadley, Engineering Solutions,
Michigan Operations

The Dow Chemical Company

"My experiences with GLTAC have been excellent. I have used them multiple times for translations of documents needed for Italian long term visa application. The translations and certification of translation have been accepted by the Detroit Italian Consulate without any issues. The turnaround time, cost of service, and professionalism exceeded expectations. An added benefit for me is that this excellent service is in my hometown of Midland, MI. Thank you GLTAC!
Thanks again for your excellent service!"

George Klumb, Development Leader, Polyurethanes TS&D

The Dow Chemical Company

"My experience with GLTAC was better than I’d hoped for when I requested their translation services. The turnaround time and quality of work exceeded my expectations. Should the need for additional translations services be needed, I will be returning to GLTAC!"

Michelle Baker, CHMM, CDGP; Product Stewardship Manager

Zeon Chemicals LP

"I use GLTaC for SDS and label translations. I trust their technical expertise. Also, their turnaround time is super fast and their prices are very competitive."

John Carter, Senior Information Specialist

Invista S.á r.l.

"Please be assured that I am well pleased with the services provided by the folks at GLTaC. They have gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion. Their efforts are truly appreciated."

Debbie Buschman, Reference Services Specialist

LAC Group

"I am very satisfied with GLTaC services. The customer service is outstanding. The project management team does an excellent job of taking care of my needs."

Marcia Quehl, Hazard Communication Specialist


"I was very pleased with the service I received from your company. The translations were completed in a very timely manner and the communication lines were open between myself and the representative from your team."

Tara Conley, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager

Thomson Research Associates / Ultra-Fresh

“I am very happy to refer my colleagues to GLTaC; you guys have been an excellent asset to me over the years.”

Erica Speight, Regulatory Affairs Manager

Comax Flavors

"I was very pleased with the service and timeliness of my request. A partner company put me in touch and I worked with your project management team from that point. They were very helpful, answered my questions and were prompt with delivery. I am grateful to be in touch with your business and to know that we can turn to GLTaC in the future for translation needs."

Nathalie Hon, Project Coordinator

BPO Product Stewardship Services, IHS Global Ltd.

"Our company has been using GLTaC’s translation services for the past five years and has always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, go beyond the call of duty to exceed our expectations, are always punctual and offer very competitive rates. Their professionalism and customer service is outstanding. I'm happy to recommend the services of GLTaC."

Giséla van Kesteren, Librarian - Nouryon Knowledge Center


"We are already more than 10 years very happy with GLTaC and have only compliments. GLTaC colleagues are always working quickly, are friendly and user oriented. They come with suggestions if needed and delivery is right on time. In any case that there is a small delay, they always come back to us to let us know.

There is an option within our company to choose for another supplier however, we stick to GLTaC just because of the good experiences and relationship we have. Never change a winning team!"

Tim Wright, Controls Engineer

Bay Plastics Machinery

"GLTaC has partnered with Bay Plastics Machinery in all of our translation needs. Their ability to translate technical documentation with precision and speed is a key part to BPM’s expansion into the global market."