"I was very pleased with the service I received from your company. The translations were completed in a very timely manner and the communication lines were open between myself and the representative from your team."

Marcia Quehl, Hazard Communication Specialist


Whether you are pursuing a patent filing, communicating with a non-English-speaking work force, or establishing the contractual framework for a joint venture, GLTaC has the resources to ensure your translated documents accurately represent the information you want to convey.

No other Language Service Company (LSC) provides a mix of services to best fit your business needs, delivery time, and budget. Our flexibility, accuracy, and willingness to adapt to our clients’ needs are the reasons so many of our clients continue to rely on us for their translations.

Does your website and social media presence convey a professional, polished message to non-English speakers? Are your company’s internal policies and procedures communicated clearly and consistently to business units in other countries? Is the tone and presentation of your sales proposal carried through accurately to the translated version?

These questions are often overlooked due to the predominance of English in international business. However, research shows that consumers making purchasing decisions prefer localized products and are more likely to buy from websites in their native language.