In 2009, GLTaC competed against 30 other translation companies for a contract to supply translation services to the U.S. Army. Since then, we have translated over twelve million words, from training material and field manuals to maintenance and reference documents.

Our performance is consistently rated "Exceptional" in our CPARS evaluations because we strive to deliver complete translated documents that far exceed the minimum acceptable quality levels. In fact, most require little to no review before final approval and use in the classroom or publication in the General Reimer Library.

Our success is a result of our disciplined approach to several critical functions:

  • Organized and efficient project management
  • Recruiting, screening, and qualifying only the best translators for the subject
  • The most rigorous quality control methodology in use by any Language Service Company (LSC)

Going beyond translation, we developed several key items critical to our ongoing work with the Army:

  • An acronym list
  • A comprehensive style guide
  • An up-to-date glossary of terminology
  • A library of graphics, diagrams, and images

We apply the same successful approach to all the work we do for the military, whether it is for vehicle maintenance technical manuals, complex presentations, or in-depth tactical and doctrinal material.
GLTaC is currently listed in the System for Award

Management (SAM), but is not on the GSA Schedule. GLTaC has the ability to translate material up to FOUO in-house and can team with other agencies to translate classified material.

Many contract opportunities contain a translation component, and GLTaC is able to team with larger contractors or take the lead as the prime contractor to provide translation support. When considering GLTaC as a prime contractor or subcontractor on your next project, the following information will help you research our past performance and capabilities and provide the vendor data you need:

  • DUNS: 129419458
  • EIN: 38-3269345
  • FSC: R608
  • SIC Number: 7389
  • NAICS: 541930
  • CAGE: 3CHX1
  • MBE Certified
  • EDWOSB Certified
  • JCP Certified:
    • Number 0080581
    • Expires 10/19/2023

The translations done by GLTaC undergo a methodical review by our clients using the following criteria:

C.8.7. Military Standard 1916, dated April 1, 1996, will be used to random sample the quality of the translated deliverables. The quality of the use of the Spanish language will be evaluated for grammatical correctness and comprehension of the source language. The target-language translation and revised work must reflect the essential meaning of the source language version, especially when dealing with military terminology. Material will be reviewed, tested, accepted or rejected at a 98% confidence level in the following areas:

  1. Errors of punctuation, misuse of capital letters, and misuse or lack of accent marks.
  2. Misspelled words and poor word selection.
  3. Improper gender and number, minor errors of syntax, and minor omissions or misinterpretations which do not seriously alter the intended meaning of the source language.
  4. Major omissions or misinterpretations that alter the intent of the source language and major syntactic errors.

C.8.8. The government intends to sample the number of paragraphs necessary to achieve a 98% confidence level from each unit. Any unit scoring below the acceptable confidence level will be rejected.