• Level: Specialist
  • Time Commitment: 40 hours per week (full time) on site in the Midland office
  • Location: Midland, Michigan
  • Important Note: This is an on-site position only.
Responsibilities: The Translation Project Manager will:
  1. Receive translation requests.
  2. Evaluate the job requirements.
  3. Identify and assign appropriate resources.
  4. Create purchase orders for translators.
  5. Provide quotes to customers.
  6. Monitor job progress.
  7. Perform a quality control review of completed work.
  8. Send completed work back to client
  9. Prepare invoices and send them to clients.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree or work experience in a technical field, such as chemistry, pharmacology, manufacturing, biology, biotechnology, computer science, intellectual property law, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, networking, electronics, etc. The Translation Project Manager must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be able to interact with customers and subcontracted translators. Requires a high degree of motivation and customer focus to ensure work is continually done to standard and exceeds the customer’s expectation. Qualified candidates should possess a high level of attention to detail and adapt quickly to situational changes. Foreign language skills and travel experience a plus. This person should know how to work quickly and accurately to meet a "real world" business requirement. They should understand how to manage a transactional business and allocate human resources to projects. They will participate as an integral member of a team, and work together with either a primary or backup translation project manager on each project. They will use business communication skills through direct customer contact to solicit and receive performance feedback. They should have subcontractor management skills through daily interaction with an international pool of translator resources, assigning translators and reviewers to various projects.

Work with Global Language Translations and Consulting as an Independent Contractor. We are looking for qualified native-language translators, often possessing both degrees and work experience in their respective fields.

Below are the areas of expertise needed most:

Note: Apply if you have a Ph.D. or at least 5 years of work experience in one or more of these areas.

  • Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS): You must be familiar with GHS and the regulatory requirements for your country/region.
  • Toxicology
  • Chemistry (Ph. D. level): You must be able to translate chemical names correctly and accurately.
  • Medical: You must be familiar with the user instructions on package inserts, home test procedures, and prostate cancer-related terminology.
  • Biology: You must be familiar with Latin species names.
  • Mechanical Engineering: You must be broadly familiar with a variety of tools, maintenance items, and support equipment.
  • Information Technology: You must be familiar with software user manuals.

The following are languages we need most.

  • Burmese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Greenlandic
  • Japanese
  • Khmer
  • Korean
  • Macedonian
  • Montenegrin
  • Samoan

Work with Global Language Translations and Consulting as an editor or project manager trainee for at least a semester, extending to a yet undetermined future date that may coincide with the maximum limit of the student’s eligibility for an internship program. Our current salary rate is negotiable and can be determined at such time as the student’s eligibility for working with GLTaC is confirmed. We would like to begin as soon as possible to familiarize the intern with our management system, which runs our global business almost entirely over the internet. This offer represents an opportunity for someone with solid communication and problem-solving skills to work in an environment under a professional project manager’s supervision. This internship opportunity promotes advanced communication capabilities, expands problem-solving abilities, and allows interns to learn more about the language industry.

I have read and understand the specific technical backgrounds and language pair requirements listed on this page. By uploading my CV I am stating I meet at least one of those requirements. Any CV uploaded that does not reflect the proper background or language skill listed on the page will not receive a response from GLTaC.