Where does translation rank when it comes to cost cutting?

            I recently overheard someone from a large corporation say, “Next month will be a ‘red’ month.”  The speaker went on to explain that meant a spending freeze was coming up and any unnecessary spending would be curtailed.

Commonly Overlooked But Costly Translation Issues With Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2009, the well-known HSBC Bank had to invest $10 million in damage control after its "assume nothing" slogan was poorly translated as "do nothing" in several other countries.  This example is all too common about the major financial effects of a wrong translation in business.  Translation is an important concern when mergers or acquisitions take place.

Are you really saving money by having employees do your translation work?

When I speak with prospective clients I quite often hear the statement, “We have employees all over the world and they do the translations for us.”

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