How Can Machine Translation Work For Your Corporation?

            Nothing generates a hot debate faster than the topic of Machine Translation (MT). People love it or hate it, welcome it or fear it, use it or avoid it like the plague. For the typical large corporation, MT definitely has a role to play and like any other tool, if used properly can provide substantial benefits. MT, used improperly, can do lasting damage.

Managing Corporate Translation Activity – Mission Impossible?

When I meet with clients, I often seek to learn more about their corporate structure; identify others within the organization that would benefit from our services and find ways to offer economies of scale. The most common response is, “Oh, I am only concerned with my department and really don’t interact with the other areas that much.”

Why is ASTM F43 important to corporate buyers of language services?

For over six years a group of dedicated people have worked to develop ASTM standards for Quality Assurance in Language Services. ASTM created Technical Committee F43 for Language Services and Products in 2010. There are nine subcommittees, with F43.05 being the subcommittee working on a standard for Language Service Companies (LSCs) for Quality Assurance in Language Services.

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