The Gist of It

We are often asked, 'Why would you pay a company like GLTaC for a machine translation when there are free MT resources available?'

Because when you need a basic understanding of a patent, technical article or other document, and you want better results than what you receive from those “free” services, that’s when GLTaC’s MT service is there for you. GLTaC’s MT service will give you the substance of the material — quickly and inexpensively.

Unlike free online MT sources, we offer you options to enhance the quality of your translation. And we regularly update our glossaries, so your accuracy increases the more often you use the service. You can do three times the research for the same budget by integrating a “gisting” capability as a screening tool.

The Gist of It

Not every document needs a human translation. As a screening tool or to gain a quick understanding of a foreign language document, our machine translation service will provide you the lowest cost option for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, web pages, PDF files and RTF documents.
GLTaC’s MT service offers you:
  • Quick turnaround
  • Higher degree of accuracy than free online machine translations
  • Conversion of image-only files
  • Options for enhancing accuracy
  • Option to have portions done by human translation


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